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Review of Anne Frank Diary

Anne Frank Diary is a book written by Anne in time of second world war by herself.

Anne Frank Diary, portraits the circumstances of Jews literally in era of Hitler in the time of Second World War.

Jews suffered widely, they were mass massacred, gassed to death, burnt to end their humane race, utilized as sex slaves, physically abused, corporally punished, mentally imbalanced, tortured to death, psycho pathologically cracked down, but still they survived in inhuman era of great Hitler.

Anne Frank Diary, written by a 16 years old girl, Anne Frank, daughter of Otto Frank in the Secret Annexe from 1942-1944 in Dutch language.  The diary is the written proof that how Jews suffered when Hitler waged war on them, and which obliged them to welcome death wherever they wished. The duration of 1940, sketches out that Jews were the most victimized specie, which minimized in number by population when that bloody, tormented war reached to them.

Anne Frank was at the age of 14 when ought to start writing personal affairs to the world which only and only confided to her. She never anticipated that her diary (Anne Frank Diary) will one day be told to the world that condemned the era but still in that track which already engulfed so many people. The mighty father of Germans, Hitler, declared full-strength war on Jews and any other who claimed to be obstacles to his path of besieging the whole world. He dreamt to bring the whole world under his supremacy and formulate them in German homomorphism. Anne Frank, Peter, Margot, Otto frank, Mrs. and Mr. Vaan Dan and three other shifted to Secret Annexe to hide their selves from Nazi’s mass genocide.

They hide approximately for two complete years according to the dates mentioned in the diary of Anne. She started the Diary in July of 1942 and last date she entered before her demise was 1st August 1944. Secret Annexe was a hidden place for that family, which was in Holland.

They shifted not be killed by Germans soldiers. Anne Frank devotion toward writing everything which occurred duration of that hiding and even literally portrayed the hustle and bustle she observed in those small wood-made compartments. Her pensive dream was to be a great writer and write further when she returns to her preceding place, on Jews and their plight which have been gifted to them by Hitler in 1942-1944.

Germany was allied by Turkey and Austria against of Britain, Russia, and France which is labeled as Second World War fought between these countries. German flocked their horses for besieging the whole world by committing mass genocide, using machine-gunning phenomena to overrule every nation.

Fortunately, Germany utterly defeated by Britain. The first phase of embarrassing defeat she saw was in Russia when they could not conquer Stalingrad after campaigning for almost three months. Germans defeat was the survival point of Jews. Holland, Poland and Hungary were made concentrations camps for Jews, where they were gassed to death. Auschwitz, a well-renowned gas chamber in Poland, was used to burn the Jews alive.

Anne Frank, 16 years old girl suffered hardly, she never wished to be alive when they eventually are searched out by German soldiers. She loved to read, as she read the biography of Galileo Galilee, Charles V, and Palestinian at the crossroad and some other German and French books.

She knew four to five languages. I was dumbfounded to read this that she adopted the untidy and dull environment of Secret Anexxe so professionally even she never ever wished to leave that place ones the war ends.

Peter, a boy to her age and loveliest and most devoted friend she had in Secret Annexe, even she got her first pretty kiss from him. She spent her most of the time with him in upstairs in Secret Annexe, and it soothed her both eternally and spiritually. She ones quoted in her letters that Peter arms are the soothing compartment of her feelings.

Secret Annexe was located in a building which was of small compartments. It was out of reached to German, because of its size and placement, but they had suffered hardly in those compartments. They hardly had one lavatory, some eatable beans and some rotted breads which ought to be eaten on time so that they could remain for a long period of time and one wireless transistor which made their days pleasurable and nothing else more.

In August 1944, they were captured and some were shifted to Poland and Germany for laboring, Anne Frank was taken to Poland where she was gassed to death according to sources.

This book totally modified my thoughts regarding Hitler’s era and how humanity had suffered in his time of ruling. Germans, today feel the agony of Jews as they realized it in humanized era of modernity.

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