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Let’s Meet The Baloch Youtuber, Chiragh Baloch

Everyone has the desire to show or do something which become the pride of society and nation. Mainly the young generation seems to be busy in generating new ideas and shaping them to rise up. Like the other parts of the world, the youth in Balochistan are also coming up with new ideas and introducing them to young generation. Let’s discuss the baloch youtuber, Chiragh Baloch.

Chiragh belongs to Pasni area of Balochistan. He provides services as a Web Developer and a Vine Actor at YouTube/Facebook/Instagram. Initially, he used to make videos just for the sake of entertainment, but now the entertainment has turned into a passion and it been converted into infotainment.

We will not be wrong if we call him the first Baloch youth who started making entertaining videos to compete with others.

After entertaining videos, Baloch started to work on Vlogs covering the daily-life activities. Later, he changed the Vlog theme and decided to discover the beauty of Balochistan in his videos.

Here is one of his recent Vlogs in National Hingol Park, Balochistan.

His aim and objective is to discover the beauty of Balochistan and present it positively to the world so that the people around the universe get to know about the richness of Balochistan and Balochi culture.

No doubt this is the era of science and technology and the nations who lag behind in technological fields will have to suffer much that’s why such new trends and initiatives must be encouraged and appreciated so that the youths of our generation get updated about the new trends and inventions of technology.

Chiragh Baloch can be reached at the following links:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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