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City medicos split down the middle over latest warning on cell phone exposure

Integrating to concerns associated with cell phone use, the California Department of Public Health (CPDH) advised minimum exposure, triggering a public health debate. City medicos, however, remain divided over the issue.

In its advisory, the CPDH verbally expressed though the scientific community has not reached a consensus on the perils of cell phone use, long-term exposure may impact human health. The advisory was issued only after a researcher from the University of Berkeley moved a Californian court to make public a 2009 document on the subject the CPDH had prepared.

Medicos here verbally express they cannot comment on the damage that cell phone radiation causes as the matter is in the grey, scientifically, but concurred with suggestions mooted by CPDH. “Keeping the phone away from the body and utilizing earphones is always advisable. Users should withal read the fine print to determine how much radiation their phones emit and the minimum distance that they should abstain from their contrivances,” verbalized K. Srikanth, a city-predicated senior breast cancer specialist.

A senior neurologist from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences echoed the view. However, he forbore advocating caution for the public, considering that the science on the subject is inconclusive.

CPDH withal advised against carrying a radiation emitting contrivance like cell phone and tablets in pockets. Adscititiously, the U.S. public health body advised against utilization of cell phones when travelling in an expeditious-moving conveyance and operating it on low battery.



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