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Software student & BalochTech CEO Chiragh Baloch abducted and released later

Computer science student and CEO of BalochTech Chirgh Blaoch was abducted from Pasni area of district Gwadar last night.

According to the reports, Chiragh Baloch S/O Ibrahim along with five other people were taken into custody during a musical concert in Pasni.

According to the recent information, the other people were released last night while Chiragh Baloch was released this morning.

Chiragh Baloch basically belongs to Pasni area of Balochistan and recently completed his postgraduate degree in Information Technology from People Friendship University of Russia.

He with his other friends created a platform named as Balochtech – Enriching nation with latest technology. This is a Worldwide Network Which Manages all Balochtech Websites, Networks and Projects.

The Balochtech team developed Windows in Balochi version, developed a Facebook like application, Balochbook, contributed Vshgap, a chatting application that functions like whatsapp and they have also come up with an online Balochi FM Radio that broadcasts programs in Balochi language.

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