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A 36-Year old Govt employee appears to be a medical student in BMC Quetta

Khalid Bhatti, a resident of Faisalabad, apparently received his FSc degree from Naseerabad and is a government employee in health department.

He is thirty six years old and is a medical student in Bolan Medical College Quetta, Balochistan.

According to the reports Mr Khalid failed the medical examination twice and the controller did not allow him to sit in the examination due to which Bhatti moved to court.

When the case reached Balochistan High Court, it took  Chief Justice Muhammad Noor Miskanzai and Justice Muhammad Hashum Khan Karar by surprise that how a thirty six years old government employee could get admission as a medical student in Bolan Medical College.

During the hearing of the case Khalid Bhatti informed the bench that he was from Gojra area of district Faisalabad, Punjab and had the Faisalabad domicile.

He appeared in Fsc examination in 1996 in Gojra, but failed it. Later on he moved to Balochistan in the same year and cleared Fsc as a private candidate. He is a government employee of health in district Gwadar.

He got admission in Bolan Medical College in 2010 and failed to pass the examination two times.

The judges asked him how could it be possible to pass FSc as a private candidate as it is mandatory to be regular in FSc.

Health department law officer Hidayat Ullah Khan said from Fsc to taking admission in BMC, Khalid Bhatti acted against the law and used influential sources to make all these possible.

Chief Justice Balochistan High Court issued notices to the Director General Health and other concerned authorities for this illegal practice and asked them to present themselves before the court as soon as possible.


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