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Poor Healthcare Facilities For Women in Balochistan  

Every living creature including human being on the surface of earth is in dire need of good healthcare and systematic way of life. Health is defined as a condition or state in which someone or something feels physically, psychologically and emotionally fit.

Health has remained as a separate and ubiquitous institution almost in every society of the world.

People around the globe are convinced with the fact that a healthy generation has more opportunities in life as of an unhealthy but the grave silence on healthcare issues have led millions of people around the globe to the stake of lives.

Developed nations like Germany, Canada, Japan, Denmark, and Belgium are forehead than the developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Rwanda, and Indonesia in life expectancy ratio. Higher life expectancy in developed nation is the result of well-being of health institutions.

In Balochistan millions of people are living under poor health circumstances. The worsening healthcare system of Balochistan is due to lack of medical hospitals, medical specialists’ doctors, and more importantly counterfeit medicine.

The facts conclude that Balochistan bears the highest maternal mortality rate in comparison with other provinces of the country.

A recent survey conducted in Balochistan province about “Maternal Health” estimated that out of 100,000 women, 785 die while giving birth which is one hundred percent higher than the other provinces.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) laid the foundations of a 15 years project from 2000-2015 to reduce poverty, hunger, disease, lack of adequate shelter, promoting gender equality, education, and environmental sustainability but it failed miserably to meet the set criterias.

Akmal Kaka Saleem

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