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Bumpy Road in HUB CHOWKI

Replete with deep pits and pot holes, The Hub river road running between Capital of Sindh, Karachi and Quetta is in a deplorable condition. It has broken patches at various places and is often filled up with dirty water strewn up-to one feet ditches at every step with many deep pits and potholes.

The condition of the other link roads within the city is somehow not different. Most apparently is dangerous for vehicle driving. These crack and potholes cause the drivers to lose the control of their vehicles.

The severe conditions of the road causes terrible traffic jam and inconvenience to the commuters during the peak hours. Public transportation including Ambulances often face hurdles on the way to their destination. The whole transport is badly affected which results in getting late and not reaching on time.

The dilapidated condition of the road has reached its extreme and is consequently creating panic among the commuters and Senior citizens.
The responsible and concerned authorities are requested to look into this issue and take necessary action in this regard.

Ali Gohar
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