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Governmental schools lack Course books

Turbat is one of the major cities of Balochistan where thousands of students are reading in governmental schools. More than 20 high schools in the vicinity of Turbat city don’t have proper facilities and the students are not provided with books. Thousands of teachers don’t attend school despite of the fact of being paid by government and being government servant.

Striking students with rods and sticks are still practiced which is been forbidden decays agao. Owing to that many students went in trail of destruction.

Moreover, in governmental schools syllabus books written and compiled in the 70s doesn’t meet the requirement of modern technological world. The syllabus needs to redesigned accordance with the current standard of education in world.

I humbly request chief minister of Balochistan Sardar Sanaullah Zehri to take prompt action against them to provide standard education and facilities which are needed for a better educational system.

Khuda Baksh K.B, Turbat, Kech

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