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Gwadar Craves For A Drop Of Water

There is no denying the fact that Gwadar is a developing city in Pakistan, but still its residents crave for a drop of water and are living in a miserable condition.

Chinese are Pakistani governments have spent billions of rupees for many development projects, but nothing has been done for the people of Gwadar and no such project has been initiated that benefits the indigenous people of Gwadar.

The people of Gwadar have always demanded for clean drinking water and till to date their demand has not been fulfilled.

The pipelines in the city are damaged and Gwadar residents are compelled to buy water, but the poor people can’t afford to do so as tanker costs 50,000 which beyond the capacity of Gwadar people.

This is really putting adverse effect on the people of Gwadar as one side government talks of making Gwadar like Dubai, but has failed to overcome the thirst of Gwadar people.

It is the duty of government to solve this issue because the peoples of Gwadar are facing many problems and living in a miserable condition.

I request the government and local authorities to solve the longstanding water problem of Gwadar as soon as possible.

Shargul Sabzal


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