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BSAC Constitutes Fresh Cabinet of Uthal Zone

Basima College corruption BSAC

Baloch Students Action Committee Uthal zone held a meeting under the chair of BSAC’s central chairman Rasheed Karim Baloch.

According to the issued statement, the meeting discussed organization’s performance, constructive criticism, past report and future planning in detail.

The meeting was also attended by senior zonal members Saddam Baloch, Ahsan Baloch, Nabeel Baloch, Sana Baloch, Lal Khan Marri, Saleem Bezinjo and Kazum Baloch.

Statement said, the former cabinet had completed its tenure so the chairman dissolved the cabinet and constituted a fresh one.

The meeting elected Saheem Murad Baloch as zonal president, Zubair Baloch Senior vice president , Irfan Baloch Junior vice president, Inayat Saleh General Secretary , Khalid Baloch Senior Joint Secretary, Hashum Baloch Junior Joint Secretary , Kandeel Baloch Press Secretary, Fareed Baloch Sports Secretary , Mussadiq Baloch Students Affairs Secretary and Elahi Baksh was elected as Finance Secretary.

Abdul Khaliq Bangulzai and Zafar Zehri were elected as Unit and Deputy Unit Secretaries.


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