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Lack of Career Counselling in Balochistan

Which way of should you choose for your career


Career counselling is very much necessary for a student who desires to take admission in a college or a University.

I Was too much Confused to select a subject for admission When I went To International Islamic University Islamabad.

My mind was not clear about any subject and I just wanted to get admission. So I Directly Jumped To Sociology Rather than Selecting Any Natural Sciences Field Because My Major Subject Were math, Chemistry And Physics in college level. Now I repent on my decision and I think I should have joined a filed in natural science.

I committed this mistake, But I Humbly Request All students from To be clear and conscious while taking admission in University Because It is the matter of your Career and future.

Picking a profession is exceptionally pivotal in the life of a young fellow. However, lamentably a greater part of students in Balochistan confront issues and experience the ill effects of feeling of inadequacy as they are without any direction while moving to universities for the purpose of gaining higher education.

The students in Balochistan confront a troubled situation and become confused when they pass their Intermediate examinations as they don’t have any appropriate direction to move on and they become confused which field they ought to pick.

In this overarching circumstance, there is an urgent requirement for career counselling for the young generation of Balochistan.


Shabeer Armaan Baloch

Shahi Tump, Turbat


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