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Chikungunya getting out of control

Chikundunya mosquito picture

Many people have lost their lives due to the virus named “Chikungunya” in our region. Chikungunya is a sort of virus which causes joint pain, body pain, shivering, body-paralyzing, vomiting, headache, etc. The disease remains until many days and sometimes the illness goes for weeks. This unknown disease is spreading its range day-by- day and the doctors have failed to discover the immediate treatment or any medicine to get rid of this disease. In this case doctors refer to some medicines which can relief the body temporarily, but such medicines leave dangerous side effects and become harmful to the health.  However, this virus has no popularity in mainstream media and no vaccination is being discovered for this hazard virus.

I appeal to the mainstream media to give enough coverage to this grave issue so that government becomes compelled to take action for controlling the disease.

Zee Baloch


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