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In the opinion portion we include the personal thoughts of the individuals who wish ans desire to express their ideas in their writings.

AK Baloch Balochistan, the center of 51.5 billion dollars project (CPEC), lacks the basic healthcare facility which according to the United Nation is the basic right of any human being. Balochistan produces much more resources for the country as compared...
Zainab Baloch The beginning of an individual’s journey starts the day when he/she gets birth and those are the societal norms and values which keep nourishing the individual’s mind unconsciously. I as well journeyed through this long process which gradually...
Don't criticize what you can't understand Bob Dylan One of our team members had shared a picture of a Baloch woman who seems to be busy in cooking and the picture carried a caption highlighting the deprivation of Baloch from its...
Noor Ahmed Jugri For the due description of God’s blessings, humans become wordless and voiceless. What human can do is to sing the praises of all mercies in each beat of heart. Imagination too supports to gain enough strength to...




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