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It was nighttime.  All of the family had gathered necessary items for the journey and waiting outside the house in Quetta’s Patel Housing Society on Saryab Road. Inside, Siddiq Baluch sat in his office, typing the news of his...
Jan Muhammad The poet-politician gave a new meanings and form to Balochi poetry. The concept of freedom and sovereignty were beautifully portrayed. He opposes Balochistan losing its independence. The degrading poverty His poetry is the greatest manifestation and the most profound expression...
Sherbaz Mazari had been refusing offers for interviews from television channels and top journalists. But when I and my friend, Hakeem Baloch, left him a message that we were two young Baloch and wanted to understand our recent political...
By reading the portion of poetry in Balochi literature no one can ignore the contributions of females' poetry and poetic creativity; one can get a plethora of thought provoking characters that were born to be the symbols of change...




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