About Us

The Baloch News, founded in February 2017, is an online media organization that disseminates social, educational, literary, economic and political news about Balochistan. The team of The Baloch News consists of graduated students of journalism, belonging to Balochistan. Keeping in view the requirements of this age of internet and online journalism, we felt the need to become the voice of the Baloch people and provide the Baloch youth a platform to express their views and issues in English language so that the voice expands to a wider population.

With the rise and expansion of new media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp etc), the trend of online media organizations correspondingly gained popularity. As the mainstream media broadcast news based on the number of audience and the region where they get most of their source of earnings through commercial advertisements. Balochistan has never been a suitable region for the mainstream media that’s why we thought of providing our contributions in becoming the part of this era of internet and online journalism.

The Baloch News team is also putting sincere and passionate efforts to perform its journalistic duties and responsibilities authentically. The team strives hard to practice professional journalism objectively and without being influenced by any political or religious ideology.