Life is a continuous struggle for every existence, only the fittest can make a mark in it. A baby may appear frail but he also learns to cope with the environments which surround him. He has his own methods to draw attention and fulfill his needs; it is never possible to have all of one’s desires fulfilled the way one may want to, but it becomes obligatory to compromise with certain aspects of life.

However, different people may interpret the words and deeds of others to suit their personal convenience. Though many times the erratic actions of a person may project a variety of image. You are not to lose your self-esteem for others what you are made for; you face the music to take-out your loved ones from hardships, but have you ever thought what you are indulged in? Your teachers may have influenced the way you think; your parents may have contributed to the worthy system you have adopted in your life; your friends and colleagues may have a certain amount of influence upon you, but the only truth is that no one knows you better than you. You are what your thoughts and actions have made you.

Nature has made everyone and everything beautiful. If you are not satisfied with what nature has made you for, it is your own fault. In fact, it is said that the face is the index of the mind which is always the centre of attraction. The main power of attraction comes from your thoughts, either positive or negative. When you accept the principles of truthfulness, honesty and thoughtfulness for others, and make them a part of you, I am damn sure you have a vital force to attain success in your life. You have to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, ideas and actions but do not let indecision hold you back since you must plunge forward to knowing the worth of your own-self!

Additionally, Allah the Almighty has given everyone the choice of thinking and acting as each man and woman deem fit. It is through this choice and the person feels superior each day with wrong repetitive thinking the person falls into the trap of the thoughts, and slides to a point of ‘no return’. Silence is the stepping-stone to inner peace. When you enter the realm of silence and draw your thoughts within you, gradually you come in touch with God. Besides this, love emerges from your heart, not to think of your body but to focus on your mind and soul residing between the eyes; even this power of silence within you prepares you to understand the unseen hand of God.

The risk that a person takes in being different is always rewarded by success. The refusal to take risks for own-self is an expression of lack of confidence to follow up one’s thinking and goals with action. It is never suggested that one must plunge into action just because there can be no worthy success without a certain amount of risk. All risks which you may have for others, may not be the same.

In short, you are to evaluate yourself, instead of others and calculate your risks. Once you are satisfied that odds are in your favour, do not let the fear of being different hold you back. Just be yourself who you have ever thought of to be.

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The writer is a student of Education Department at the University of Turbat and a part-time teacher at DELTA.