Private teachers are grappling with the grave issue of severe financial crunch owing to the closure of private educational institutions and non-payment of monthly salaries ensued by the outbreak of novel coronavirus. COVID-19 pandemic has brought all educational institutions to a grinding halt which is seriously adding to the financial woes of private teachers.

There is no an iota of doubt that Balochistan is the most backward and marginalized province of the country in terms of education. Most worryingly, the government has largely neglected and overlooked the private education sector which is vociferating out for comprehensive reforms and drastic changes for long a period of time. The cycle of disregard tends to spin even in these trying times of pandemic.

Pertinently, an approximate number of thirty-six thousand employees who are delivering their services in private schools and academies across Balochistan. But regretfully, with the closure of schools amid the pandemic and pressures from parents not to charge fees have become a bewildering situation for the private schools and their staff which is definitely upending the chances of payment of their regular salaries.

The teachers of private educational institutions duly deserve to avail special financial package and interest-free loans on behalf of incumbent government as they are the most vulnerable segment of the society after the closure of their schools. They should not be left to sheer detachment in these desperate times as miserable plight will further deteriorate the financial position of low-cost running teachers. They desperately need governmental assistance so that they could survive this harsh period.

Teachers are the building blocks for the progress and development of any nation. They burn midnight oil to ensure a better educational ambience for the students as compared to other governmental schools. Therefore, there is a dire and pressing need of including them in the emergency cash assistance schemes in order to ease their financial stress in the span of these grim situations.

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