Baloch Educational Council Punjab has asked the authorities to suspend online classes due to the non-availability of required facilities.

BEC in its statement said in this situation of COVID-19 , the announcement of online classes by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is a flop and failed idea.

Education is a fundamental right of every individual, this cannot be denied even during wars and other natural disasters. Due to pandemic (Covid-19) several areas of Pakistan are under lockdown and the risk of coronavirus is still increasing. In such uncertain situations, it is difficult for the students to attend online classes, said BEC.

The unequal opportunities between the provinces are a barrier for many students and temporary online classes. The Higher Education Commission should review the ground realities and suspend online classes immediately. In Balochistan, millions of Baloch children are already out of school, even before the outbreak of the pandemic, maintained BEC statement.

BEC asked HEC authorities to visit Balochistan once before starting online classes and review the situation where Several areas in Balochistan are suffering from permanent education crises and lack of internet has made it impossible to participate in online classes. This inequality has created difficulties for Baloch students and more opportunities are being created for students to divorce their education.

Council urged the state to formulate its own education policies and not to make decisions keeping in view the available facilities of one province.

BEC warned that if online classes were not suspended immediately, students would go on strike.

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