COVID-19, a worldwide dangerous microbial, has been spreading since December 2019. This exactly brought scares in every country of the world and has taken a large number of lives within a very short period of time. Every organization of our state is sealed because of the pandemic that includes educational institutions.

Sadly, students are facing numerous problems in the educational curriculum since they are ceased to have social distance from the previous months without any gain of proper knowledge. This issue is circulating to the pupils of every citizen of Pakistan because of a lack of facilities for the systematic online classes, especially Balochistan is on top priority to the access of the internet.

However, we, the students of Balochistan are stuck what to do in these days without any classes. Thousands of questions arise in regards to education emergency although. Psychologically we are depressed by listening various news from Higher Education Commission and the vice Chancellor of universities.

Worldly, institutions are running online classes to sustain students’ careers but unfortunately, we are far from this. Though time waits for none and students are at the top lists in the developed countries to get quality education because they are known to be future builders.

So, the Government has to take serious actions regarding the public universities of Balochistan by engaging the students with unique activities until the breakdown of a pandemic. Secondly, it online classes are scheduled, the basic requirements needs to be fixed as internet and electricity. Otherwise, online classes will give no benefits to the students, but degrade them.

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