There is no room to deny that cheating is an illegal action which is being practiced in Balochistan. Cheating is completely vanishing the lives of youths and killing the inner capabilities and potential of students. It bashes the career of youth and it does not let them be successful.

It is believed that it affects the mental standards to think critically.

Due to poor performance of educational institutions, the cheating culture has significantly grown high in Balochistan because the courses of the students do not get finished on time and teachers do not teach them honestly. Pakistan is such a country where marks are considered the real possible ways of education. Due to sake of high marks, students do cheat and welcome troubles and difficulties in their lives.

On the other hand, the old pattern of teaching and curriculum are the biggest obstacles that compel students to cheat in exam. If an institution lacks teachers then how the students get education. It is proved that the education system of Balochistan is very corrupt, and most of the students do cheat due to lack of certain facilities.

The prevention of cheating in Balochistan’s institutions can be possible if the government provides basic facilities to schools like modern curriculums, well trained teachers, and creating a conducive environment in which students feel free to focus on their study.

It is the responsibility of government to take serious actions against cheating in Balochistan. The government of Balochistan should provide new techniques and modern ways of education in Balochistan’s educational institutions.

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