Baloch Raaj held its Central Body meeting. The topics under discussion were the political environment in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur and the challenges towards the merger of these regions into Balochistan. The pros and cons of the merger of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur have been discussed.

Previous performance report that includes the protest against Kot Mubarak incident, International Mother Language Day event organized at 21st Feb, Baloch culture day celebrations, Zamistan Adbi Deevan (winter literary festival) and the contribution and participation of workers in the public gathering of Balochistan National Party in Taunsa Sharif regarding the day of “Shohda-e Haft December”, was submitted and discussed.

Aims and objectives of Baloch Raaj was constituted in the Central Body Meeting and that comprise the following points:

1:- Struggle for the merger of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur in Balochistan. 2:- Struggle for the progress in literature and advancement of all languages      of Baloch nation (Balochi, Brahvi/Barhui, Saraiki and others).

3:- Struggle for the rights of Baloch Nation.

4:- Struggle for the promotion and advancement in Baloch Culture and civilization.

5:- Struggle towards the unity of Baloch Nation.

A detailed debate over the ground objective situations and present political situation it has been decided that it is the need of the hour to make the Baloch Raaj active. Regarding this New Cabinet of Baloch Raaj has been constituted.

President: – Abdullah Saleh Baloch

Voice President: – Tashfin Baloch

Secretary General: – Amanat Talpur

Dupty General Secretary: – Abubakar Baloch

Information Secretary: – Nazik Baloch

The newly formed Cabinet agreeably decided that Baloch Raaj will organize an International Mother Language Day festival on the 21st of Feb, 2020 regarding the International Mother Language Day and will stage events to celebrate Baloch Culture day on 2nd March of the same year. The newly formed Cabinet made a commitment to make Baloch Raaj active according to its aims and objectives.

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