Balochistan has a long tradition of producing handicrafts. This tradition began centuries ago, and it is still progressing. Handicrafts from Balochistan are known all over the world for the beauty of their designs, richness of the color, and prices.

Besides being popular within Pakistan, these handicrafts are being exported to various foreign countries, especially the west.

The needle work of the handicrafts are very attractive. This work is mostly carried out by the elderly women and young girls. The handicraft’s needle work is common all over Balochistan. The women and girls spend hours in doing the embroidery work as a means of earning for the family.

Needle-work in Balochistan has various designs and embroidery techniques which vary from place to place. Different areas of Balochistan are known for their distinctive designs. Dera Bugti is famous for ‘Kowchik’ which is embroidered on shawls and shirts for the women. It is famous and popular in most part of Pakistan.

Kalat and Khuzdar districts are famous for their ‘Moshamka needle work.’ It involves stitch work in different colors. It may include the use of mirror work. Sibbi district is well-known for “Jok” needle work in which fine thread of various colors and shades is used.

The needle-work on dress, cushions and bed sheets are a special attraction for the people. Their beauty and artistic value is a matter of pride for those who work on them. Embroidered caps, purses and belts are also much in demand; large deposits of marble stone provided the material for the production of beautiful objects. Marble table and ash-trays add to the glamour of the houses and offices. Crude marble is dug out in the Chaghi District of Balochistan.

Carpets and well-hangings of Balochistan are another source of attraction for everyone. Carpets form not only a special part of the setting in the tribal house holds, but the tradition has also won a place of popularity in the city homes.

Balochi handicrafts are an important source of foreign exchange earnings for the country. Pottery and ornaments have always been the symbols of the development of civilization. Balochi ornaments; especially the silver ornaments show the skill and artistry of craftsmen. The handicrafts industry of Balochistan needs to be encouraged and supported at the government level. It adds to the foreign exchange earnings in addition to providing jobs for thousands.

The handicrafts also boost up the image of the Baloch and Balochistan in international circles, because these reflect the artistic temperament of a nation.

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