Being a student of B.Ed. Honors (Education Department), I have noticed that our education system needs a change; the change that should be introduced in all schools. According to my point of view, students’ learning should be activity based in early levels, as students are more attracted towards activities. There should be curricular and co-curricular activities for the students, especially in schools.

Currently, in every school, teachers are only responsible for the completion of their courses. They do not give attention to the child’s learning. Not only teachers are responsible for the poor education system, but the whole system as well. There is neither a proper curriculum nor a proper syllabus for students, and that’s the main reason of poor education system in Balochistan.

Through my study field (Education), I have learned a lot of new information about how to bring change, how to make our education system better and what brings quality education. So, I suggest that, new learning strategies should be introduced that will help students in their learning process. There should also be a positive environment for students that promotes their learning in a positive way. Curriculum should be arranged in such a way that promotes quality education.

There are many more strategies that the teachers should apply to help students in achieving their goals. Many students want to become doctors, many want to become engineers, pilots, etc. But they cannot fulfill their dreams because of the poor education system. If we give a strong base to the students, they become able to achieve their goals. And this can only happen, when we give attention to students’ learning instead of course completion.

I also want to talk about higher or secondary education system, as it is one of the most important levels of students’ career.  From my point of view, annual system should be replaced by semester system with a proper syllabus in higher or secondary levels, as semester system not only promotes the quality education, but also provides better management to the whole system.

I am saying all this because I have experienced both the annual system (which is not that applicable) and semester system. Through semester system, I found my studies more meaningful. You might be confused with why I am supporting semester system that much because I had a bad experience with Annual system. In Annual system, I observed that I am facing difficulties with my studies such as incomplete syllabus, lack of concept understanding, focus on memorization and much more.  In fact, during examinations of matric, and F.Sc programs, I was confused with what to study and what not. On the other hand, if I share semester system experience which is quite good and amazing. In semester system you cannot be burdenized with an expanded syllabus. Your syllabus can be completed within the given time. You can clear your concepts easily as you have to focus on limited syllabus within limited time.

You all know that education is an important factor for a developed Nation and for that we need to support quality education, especially in Balochistan Province. Balochistan is an under developed Province, but its education system needs little more improvement. So, I request all the concerned authorities to kindly look into the issue seriously. It will be reliable and applicable not for students only but for the whole system as well. We educate people to provide Nation a better future, and education is the main key. So kindly give attention to quality education and do bring a change that our system really needs.

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