Sir, we love our beloved Balochistan and we love our youth. Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan in terms of resources. It’s blessed by Almighty Allah with abundance of natural resources. But, it makes you cry when you put a glance towards the educational system of Balochistan.

The worst and most appalling condition in educational system can be found here. The facilities like water, electricity, even in some schools class rooms are dreams for the students. And the shocking point is that none of the minister bats an eye as if they have no belonging to the problem.

Even the teacher, teaching in the governmental schools, send their children to the private schools but no one bothers to speak up and take step for the students of governmental schools.

Education is the stair and pillar of development, don’t let this fall and get us subverted. We hope you will bring reforms and enhancement in the system because we want our students to shine like stars and our schools to provide standard education. From a student.

Qandeel Malang

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