Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan by land. But the province grasps with numerous chronic problems and one of them is honer killing. Mostly honour killing cases erupt in most backward districts of Balochistan like  Sibbi, Jhalmagsi, Naseerabad ,Jaffarabad ,Dera Bugti etc where women are being killed for bringing shame to their families. As recently in Jhalmasgi a man named Samar shot dead his sister Nasima Bibi along with her alleged paramour Waseem.

Likewise in Jaffarabad a man Bilawal killed his wife for bringing a bad name to the family. In a short period of time more than three cases of honoring killings have been recorded and many of such cases go unnoticed.

In Pakistan every year almost 1,000 women are being  killed in honour-killing where 36 are from Balochistan .
It is the duty of social workers and political leaders of Balochistan to take very serious steps toward this horrific act.
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