Punjab Police has declared many of Baloch and Pashtun students, studying in Punjab University Lahore, as terrorists and has put their names on the list of terrorists in the official website of the Punjab Police.

The alleged terrorist students of Punjab University belong to Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The names put in the terrorist list include Abdul Hafeez, Siraj Ahmed, Noor ul Islam and Sakim Ali (There may be some more names in the list).

According to the reports, a systematic crackdown against the Baloch and Pashtun students started when they clashed with the Islami Jamiat-i-Talaba in University in March 2017 & Jan 2018. After the clash, more than thirty Baloch and Pashtun students were expelled/suspended and many of them faced terrorism charges.

Punjab Police on its website has issued a list of terrorists in which many of Baloch and Pashtun students’ names are included and as a part of closing the doors of education for students of Balochistan, Punjab University has decreased quota for Balochistan students up to 50%.

The students have raised serious concerns and they have announced to agitate against the discriminated act of Punjab Police.

The clashes among the student groups happen in most of the universities, but declaring them as terrorists over such minor conflicts is shameful.

Punjab Police Issued list of Terrioists

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