Dasht is a well-known tehsil of district Kech(Turbat), Balochistan. According to the last census of March 2017, tehsil Dasht population is approximately 77,291. However, this region has been suffering from illiteracy for years and the administration along with other authorities are thoroughly silent on the provision of education system.

Due to nonavailability of a college in the area, the students cannot afford to continue their education after matriculation and they start working as labourers or farmers.
On account of highlighted reason, few of them hardly can afford to go out for higher education in cities where one month expenditure is around 5000/6000.

It is a fact that most of the people of the area happen to be poor and they cannot bear the monthly expenditures of their children for higher education.

It is said a project of constructing a college in Ball Nigwar area of Dasht started ten years back, but unfortunately the college has still not been completed and no one seems to care about it.

Finally, I want to draw the attention of administration and government to provide a college in Dasht in order to eradicate the higher rate of illiteracy.

Sher Jan Shohaz


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