Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers and laborers in the globe. As the world celebrates this day as the workers day and Pakistan also announces public holiday and encourages the people to celebrate this day.

However, on 1st of May overall institutions, banks, school, colleges, and other departments remain closed which is not fair. This day needs to be celebrated and if institutions and departments remain closed then how the children become aware of importance of this day. In reality, schools should arrange programs and stage shows to highlight the importance of workers day.

Moreover, I am a teacher, I saw some labourers working in our school, whom I asked will you work here tomorrow? They answered yes, why not? Our children need three times food a day. I answered tomorrow is labourer day which is considered your day and we are on holiday tomorrow and we won’t come in school that’s why I thought you people may also may not come. He smiled and laughed.

Thus, if the workers are not aware of their rights in a country then it is not fair to announce a public holiday as the governmental servants rest at home, but the workers do the same job also on 1st of May.

Here I want to drag the attention of the government in place of announcing it an holiday we should conduct programs, stage shows and invite workers to attend the festivals and make them aware about their basic rights which would be much better for the workers.

Sabir K.B

Sanganisar, Kech

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