Balochistan, the mineral resource-rich and the center for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), faces number of problems including unemployment. According to various reports and statistics 60% percent of the population is unemployed which shows the fact that none of governments in Balochistan bothered to take extraordinary steps for creating required job opportunities for the unemployed youths of deprived province.

The high unemployment ratio is due to lack of job opportunities and technical skills. The government should have established massive technical institutions in the province so that the youth could get technical education.

When the jobs are advertised nowhere, corruption on its peak and the jobs are given on personal interest and in some cases for cash prizes then how the hardworking poor students and youth put efforts to prepare for employment.

The  provincial government of Balochistan has to put a serious and sincere glance over this  major issue  and merit and transparency must be ensured in tests and interviews.


Hafeezullah FM


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